Sticky Casino Bonus

Most online casinos give their payers some type of bonus. Some tend to be quite generous on this, whereas others only give meager amounts. For those with an interest in gambling, you might have some knowledge of the different types of casino bonuses offered to players who try out their luck online. Notably, most online players do not know much about sticky casino bonuses. But this does not mean that these bonuses should be relegated to the shadows. What exactly are sticky bonuses? Read on and learn.

What is a sticky bonus?

Sticky bonuses are relatively the new kids on the online bonuses block. One might be tempted to ask, how exactly are sticky bonuses different from regular bonuses like the match bonus? Concisely, the 888 casino bonus cannot be withdrawn from the account, as it is meant for wagering only. In addition, the amounts offered as sticky bonuses are often quite large and could even exceed 300% depending in the gambling site.

Why sticky bonuses?

Some players opt for cashable bonuses over sticky ones without giving a thought to their choice. Sticky bonuses improve your odds of getting a decent winning thanks to the substantial initial bonus. A bonus amount of 300% goes a long way in improving your chances of winning. Getting the best out of a sticky bonus requires you to wager your money and the bonus in a single bet.

Most online casino players are dazzled by lucrative welcome bonuses, and thus fail to realize whether the gratuities offered are sticky or cashable. So you must understand the terms and conditions governing the use of sticky bonuses if you want to get the best from them.

Most casinos tend to be quite ambiguous in the way they advertise these bonuses. Thus, take your time, and understand the type of bonus awarded, to avoid making costly decisions.