Online Casino Bonuses – Loyalty Bonus

One of the main reasons most gamblers prefer to play at online casinos is the vast number of bonuses offered by these facilities. Loyalty bonuses are perceived to be a breath of fresh air. Ideally, a loyalty bonus is the reward you get from staying true to an online casino. The type of loyalty bonus offered depends on the casino you choose.

Who needs a loyalty bonus?

Most players are drawn to online casinos by their lucrative welcome bonuses. If you intend to play slots online, welcome bonuses and other incentives offered to new players should not be your primary interests. Instead, you should look at things like the magnitude and nature of loyalty bonuses offered. Loyalty bonuses are meant to build a good rapport between players and the casino of your choice.

Types of loyalty bonuses

Monthly/Weekly bonus

Most online casinos advance monthly or weekly bonuses to their loyal customers. In most instances, you are only required to claim this bonus once within the stipulated period. The amounts offered and the qualification requirements vary considerably depending on the casino. Be sure to evaluate this before making a choice.

Deposit bonuses

These type of loyalty bonuses are advanced to casino players whenever they make a direct deposit to their accounts. Whenever you make a deposit, the casino will generously award you with the corresponding bonus based on their terms and conditions.

Reload bonuses

What happens when you stop making deposits or playing at an online casino? Most casinos will be quick to extend a reload bonus as a way of convincing older customers to come back. You might also be granted a no deposit bonus, which is often transferred to your account by the casino.

Online casinos take pride in players who stay true to them. Therefore, loyalty programs are meant to keep you loyal to them.